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Photos from Drew and Shannon Townsend's post Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
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So… I write this post with transparency, full forgiveness, and gratitude in my heart.

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13. Replace this breakfast food!!!

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Delaware Fit Camp is a community group dedicated to changing lives through fitness and nutrition. New to our community? Inbox us to try fit camp for free!

Coach Drew

  • "Gerard Jones"

    Awesome people with awesome vibes ! I would recommend my closest friends to this place . Keep up the grind !

  • "Jennifer Fisher"

    Amazing. Can't say enough awesome things. They get your butt motivated and have modifications for ever fitness level.

  • "Sharon Davis"

    The coaches are amazing! It is a place for everyone at every level of fitness. I love the positive energy! If you're thinking about it, just go check it out! You'll get a great workout in a judgement free zone!

  • "Linda Berge' Opalach"

    So much fun! Supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental people that push each other to get the best results possible through nutrition and fitness!!!!!!!

  • "Candyce Johnson"

    So excited there is a place like this I can go to work out where people actually care about me and my results. Good bye gym membership. Thank you Transformation fitness!

  • "Crystal Parks"

    This fit camp will blow your mind! The coaches are fantastic and have that drive to push you to get the results you want! This work out is a lot of fun and I have met such amazing life changing people through it!

  • "Caitlyn Cousineau"

    The coaches and the workouts are great and make it fun!

  • "Larry J Parks"

    Awesome place! Life changing! Definitely a must come i and check out!

  • "Delores A. Bridgett"

    It is so much fun to get fit with this group. Awesome people, awesome coaches, awesome results!

  • "Harry Johnson"

    So awesome this is the place you want to go for results... Love how they couple nutrition and fitness... affordable

  • "Diane Tisdel"

    Awesome people awesome place to work out! Absolutely love it!!

  • "Mat Flood"

    Absolutely love this place! I have never been to a gym that truly cared about the results people get and will take the time and effort to teach you proper exercise and nutrition!

  • "Eric Chapman"

    Great people and a fantastic facility. Care about your total wellbeing.

  • "Ann Marie Truszcienski"

    Seriously the best group of people and coaches I have ever met. It much more than just a workout its a community of people who hold you accountable and lift each other up!!! The coaches are knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition! I was working out 5 days a week and not getting results ...... UNTIL I changed my nutrition and took the advice of my coach!!!

  • "Cher Goodchild"

    What I loved most about Fit Camp was that no one tried to push me to buy stuff. It was a very welcoming and comfy environment. Everyone wanted you to be well and to do well. Lots of positive love in the room! I never felt insecure.

  • "Lanie Kotowski"

    Wait because this FIT CAMP is seriously one of the BEST camps around !! Such a great atmosphere & the coaches are amazing !! Definitely definitely worth it ���

  • "Linda Brzozowski"

    Coaches here are amazing and always positive. Your fitness level doesn't matter and there is no judgement. Can't wait to be cleared for workouts so I can participate.

  • "Shelly Miller"

    Delaware Fit Camp is amazing! When I first started attending fit camps, I did not know anyone. I didn't even have a friend attend with me. Everyone involved in Delaware Fit Camp were so welcoming and positive and friendly that I kept going back! There were no judgments on my lack of fitness or me as a person. I was accepted as I was. And as I kept going to the workouts and getting amazing results, everyone was over the moon excited and proud of me. I found a place where I truly belong. I LOVE Delaware Fit Camp!!!

  • "Helen Hopper"

    Oh my....this fit camp is a true, serious but fun camp and everyone is encouraging and very motivated. Lots of fun and coaches are outstanding especially Andrew Townsend. I would recommend it to everyone...great time.

  • "Brenda Roark Rivera"

    What a fantastic group of coaches!!! You want results, THIS is the place to go!!!! Nutrition and fitness together!!!!

  • "Melissa Frabizzio Smith"

    These workouts are a good way. Felt amazing after and the group is really fun to workout with!

  • "Amy Degnars"

    Absolutely love this FitCamp!! I was welcomed in from day one and the coaches are all motivating and encouraging!!

  • "Angela Marie Smith"

    I've only been one time but I will be back! I loved everything about it! A lot of nice people that help u every step of the way and get u motivated!

  • "Eva Reyes"

    Good morning! I would like to thank you for the time you all took to help me with my goal of losing weight! It was truly a great experience for me. Thank you for this fit challenging opportunity. I appreciate for the time and advice from the coaches and the team! I can't wait to go back!!!

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